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I-Curtest Pro 30

The Curtain and Blinds estimating software package.

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MySQL File Maker

Need an online store, Download our demo today.

If you need a online database that you want to update thousands of products in minutes you need MySql File Maker.

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Download MySql File maker and online store today!

Please take a look at this great software package. If you work with MySql databases then this little goody will help you update your online store in seconds not days!! Download the demo today. 

What our Clients Say about I-Curtest Pro 30!

We have been using I-Curtest Pro 30 for the past 7 years and have found that our work rate and benefits that I-Curtest has brought to our company has paid for itself over and over again. It was well worth the money and I have had great support from David if I have asked him to add something to the software he has added it in the next update. I-Curtest has improved our marketing situation, how we can email our customers and target post code areas with leaflet drops. This is the best and easies software on the market today for my industry.


I-Curtest Pro 30 Features!

  • Product Database.
  • Easy invoicing, Quoting system.
  • Customers Database.
  • Jobs database, easy to use and completely flexible.
  • Suppliers Book control system.
  • A fully featured search system on all databases.
  • Wizards to help you estimate your job quickly, and are very flexible.
  • More...

Don't forget to try MySql File Maker and Store.

MySql File maker and store is a complete online store package, I have updated over 2500 prices in just minutes not days.



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